IT Support

Outsourced Vendor and Operations Management

Enterprises know that their business success is closely linked to the effective operation of their IT infrastructure and applications. Increasingly, large organizations have outsourced the “hands on” delivery of IT to partners, typically large IT service companies. TN offers our enterprise customers a range of niche outsourced vendor management services, geared towards extracting the most out of a portfolio that relies on an outsourced IT relationship.

For the smaller company that has started to depend on Information Technology (IT) for an increasing number of business functions, the operational aspects of the technology environment become much more important. Strong IT Operations Management methods are needed if complex networks and applications are to run reliably.

Outsourced Vendor Management and Operations Management are more than just supervising a team of support staff – they provide a critical link between users, technical staff and management. Our IT operations consultants combine their strong leadership and organizational skills with good understanding of how technology can help support business functions.

Our IT Operations Management service areas include:

IT Leadership
Leading and managing an IT shop are two different things. Our consultants work from a strong belief that IT staff need to be continually motivated for support services to succeed. Our IT Leadership services help you to find creative ways to improve service levels and retain staff

Policy Development
What is your security policy? For what personal uses (if any) can your staff use their computers? TN offers assistance with developing sound IT policies, based on each organization’s needs and priorities.

Procedure Development
Technical people are notorious for failing to write needed procedures and other system documentation. When staff leave or move onto other positions, the effort required to train their replacements can be significant without proper documentation. TN can help to lead procedure development projects that identify and write the critical technical procedures needed to run your business.

Staff Development Planning
There are hundreds of possible training opportunities available to your IT staff. But which ones are most effective? Which certifications or diplomas should your staff work towards? Where can limited training dollars be best spent? Developing and refining a staff development plan can help you to proactively manage staff professional development.

Whether you need a strong, experienced voice to help manage your outsourcer, or need more directed operational services, TN can help.