IT Support

IT Planning and Architectures

Developing sound Information Technology (IT) infrastructures requires solid planning and execution. Business needs often require that existing technology be updated to meet growing demands or to take advantage of Internet opportunities. An IT plan provides a practical blueprint for describing how technology can evolve to meet these business requirements.

Our IT plans will typically result in recommended "Architectures". An IT architecture provides a target set of standards and methods to be used in executing the plan.

IT plans can be concise or extensive, depending on the degree to which the existing IT environment is meeting business needs, and the level of detail required in the reports:

We offer IT plan development services using a team approach. Our consultants have expertise in business area analysis, data modeling, application architectures, technical architectures, IT operations management and Internet technologies.

These services are delivered as part of an IT planning project, with client involvement and participation being key to the success of the plan.

Technology North's IT plans are typically delivered within one of three types of planning projects:

In addition, research activities are also an important part of IT planning processes due to the changing nature of business and technology. Research can include a number of data gathering activities including web-based research, client questionnaires, analysis of industry publications, etc.

Regardless of the type of planning work performed, TN consultants focus on the practical and measurable aspects in their IT designs. To this end, our IT plans result in ‘do-able’ solutions for meeting business area needs. These recommendations must meet the organization's need for interoperability, integration, scalability, security, and performance.

TN also offers value to its IT planning assignments by advising clients to focus on the results of the plan. Emphasizing how a plan will be carried out and who will be responsible for its implementation helps to increase the success of the projects that follow.