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Disaster Recovery Planning

A good Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is one of the most important, misunderstood and neglected areas of Information Technology.

Many companies feel that they can cope with a major disruption to their IT, but when put to the test, many fall short and can cost a great deal in time effort and money. Spending a significantly smaller amount proactively planning for a disaster can not only save money but can lower downtime for your business -- or perhaps save your business.

Studies have shown that private companies can quickly become insolvent if a major disaster (fire, flood, tornado) destroys their main computers systems. Victims of this type of interruption can have their cash flow interrupted (A/R records are destroyed), lose valuable employees, lose customers, or even lose the ability to make or distribute products.

Our consultants have developed various disaster plans and IT operational contingency plans for over ten years. Our approach is to help our clients to:

Like all of our consulting services, TN can tailor the size of a Disaster Recovery Plan project to meet virtually any size of organization.