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Business Analysis Services

Technology North Corporation specializes in helping organizations identify opportunities to improve how they conduct their business. A professional business analyst’s main responsibility is to gather, detail, and document requirements in a format that is appropriate to the technical developers. They provide the process, questions, and techniques to efficiently extract the information needed from the business users for successful development of projects.

The role of the BA is key in software development projects. Typically, in organizations where no formal structure or processes exist, the business owners and developers communicate directly. This can present a problem. There is rarely any detailed definition of the requirements, and many times, the real reason for the request may not make good business sense. There tends to be no emphasis on long term, strategic goals that the business wants to achieve via Information Technology. The business analyst can bring structure and formalization of requirements into this process, which may lead to increased foresight among business owners.

Technology North's IT professionals follow a structured business analysis process that consists of the following:

Technology North Corporation understands the importance of understanding and documenting business requirements. Our team works with clients to gather requirements and formulate business specifications, translating them into application functionality.