Security Consulting

Security Needs Assessment

Our Security Assessment builds on the Initial Risk Evaluation by describing the technical and operational environments you have established, then commenting on their security strengths and weaknesses.

What areas are covered?

We can provide an assessment on your complete technology environment, including:

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical, or "White Hat", Hacking is defined as an authorized attempt by security experts to penetrate a computer system. We use a combination of experienced technical consultants and hacking software to identify security weaknesses. Ethical Hacking is very useful in proving that systems are either secured or vulnerable.

How is the information gathered?

Many businesses will have existing technical documentation that will form the basis of the assessment. If this documentation is not present, it can be developed as part of the project.

Working from this, our consultants will investigate further by interviewing technical staff and "walking around" your premises.

Once the assessment is completed we will provide a detailed report outlining specific security strengths and weaknesses. This will provide the basis for the remainder of the project.