Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Technology North's Security Services are a complete range of assessment and hands-on consulting services. Designed to suit virtually any size of business -- and almost any budget -- our services can meet the needs of companies with both common-place and unique technology platforms. We help companies understand corporate security requirements, identify security vulnerabilities, reduce risk, and meet the security compliance requirements of your business and industry

Technology North's security services include:

A Security Review is usually carried out before we attempt to fix security problems. Our approach to performing Security Review projects is made up of 5 steps:

1. Initial Risk Evaluation

What information do you need to protect? What hazards and risks is your IT infrastructure exposed to? What obligations do you have to protect your information?

2. Security Needs Assessment

We perform a detailed review of the following: Policies and Procedures, Physical Security, External Access Security (using Ethical Hacking techniques via the Internet), Internal Network, and Business Applications/Databases.

3. Security Trends

Technology North has developed a Security Trends Report that contains up-to-date information on IT security trends. During our review of your security needs, this information is updated and customized for your use.

4. Security Recommendations

Once the business needs for security are understood, specific recommendations can be prepared. These are practical, detailed recommendations for implementing new security solutions. An overview implementation plan and cost estimates are also provided.

5. Security Policies

In many cases, an operational security policy is needed to ensure that the recommended changes are formally recognized. The policy can also be updated on an ongoing basis and used to keep management and staff informed.